Protective Films & 
Graphics LLC


Installation Mindset:

It takes great care and patience to do the job right and give our customers the highest quality install around. Our goal for every vehicle is perfection.  This means we spend the extra time and effort needed to give your car the seamless look of factory installed product. By keeping up with the ever changing technology you are guaranteed the latest and best in your choices for film and vinyl.   We pride ourselves on being the best!

Installation Process:

We start out by thoroughly cleaning the areas where film will be applied, taking care to remove the smallest amount of dirt and oils, even finger prints. 

We wrap the film around the edges of panels, hand trim edges nice and tight, radius corners, and, in the event that a seam is needed, try to hide them in an area where they are less noticeable like a natural style line on the body. 

All of this takes extra time and effort and it shows in the finished product.